The QuickLee Weight-Locking System

Patented QuickLee™ Weight Lifting Products

If you want collars that are safe, quick and easy to use, you need QuickleeTM fast gripping collars. the patented collar slides on and off the weight bar in seconds, eliminating the problems of loading and unloading your weights that conventional collars can cause. QuickleeTM is today’s #1 choice for setting weights fast!
All collars have a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
Designed to hold an unlimited amount of weight (depending upon the specifications) making them one of the safest collars in the industry today.
All collars are shipped from stock to allow quick delivery
Offered in lightweight plastic, and heavy duty metal for rougher environments.
Available in retail packaging or bulk packaging


Olympic 2″ plastic .3lbs. ea.
Olympic 2″ metal 1.00 lbs. ea.
Olympic 2″ high impact steel 1.00 lbs. ea.
Standard 1″ plastic .2 lbs. ea.

Olympic 2″ 2.710×2.005
Standard 1″ 1.855×2.015

Olympic 2″
Standard 1″

IT’S EASY AS 1-2-3

  1. Simply slide the patented Collar onto your bar.
  2. Collar automatically locks into position safely securing your plates.
  3. To release, simply squeeze as shown, push the collar slightly toward the weights, then slide the collar off.

Holding Power is Guaranteed